Thank you, Mom!

My parents have very practical skills, so when they visit, there is usually a small (or not-so-small) project that they tackle, like back in February when my Dad helped me with my rental house or the time my Mom painted this room [-->]. Sometimes they're asked to undertake the project while other times they eagerly volunteer.

My Mom is a great seamstress--growing up, she often sewed clothes for my brother and I, and they never looked dorky. During this trip, my wife was showing her some examples of window treatments she liked from the Pottery Barn Kids' catalog. I'm not sure if Mom consciously meant to say these words or if they are simply her involuntary response to anything within the scope of her abilities (which are many), but she said, "Those would be easy to make!"

With those words, she had her projects. In addition to sewing a valance and curtains for her youngest granddaughter's room, she also made this new drape shade which covers the Levelor cordless cellular blackout shade in our toddler's room. I think they turned out better than the catalog! And my daughter loves her new hanging butterflies, also courtesy of Grandma.