View from the top

I used to really enjoy traveling, but the older I get, the less I like to be away from my family. Many would think it would be easy to have my family travel with me since my wife is a full time Mom and my girls aren't of school age, but it's not. First, it's not cheap to travel (have you checked airfares lately?); second, their schedules often have more events than mine; and third, it's next to impossible to sleep in a regular hotel room with a toddler and newborn. So 99% of the time I travel alone.

And every now and then I'm reminded of some of the perks of traveling. I woke up in my 16th floor room at the Omni Orlando Championsgate this past Monday to this view, and it reminded me of waking up in my former house in Orlando. That house had an awesome pool, huge windows, and a beautiful view of a lake. I really miss that house.