Keypad entry code for Ford Explorer

My weekend was spent trying to get some things done that had been on my to-do list for a while and that I planned to start working on after filing for unemployment on Monday. Plans changed for the better, though. I found myself reading and re-reading a Chilton's manual, learning from other in the ExplorerForum, running to the auto parts store, and working under my '96 Explorer replacing all four original shock absorbers (long past their useful life after 158,000 miles) and changing the transmission filter, also original. After owning it for 7 years, though, I was most happy to finally learn what the 5-digit keypad entry code is on my Ford Explorer.

My local Ford dealer had previously quoted a price of $70 to determine this code for my vehicle, but the knowledge wasn't worth the cost. Patience has saved me $70, as has the ExplorerForum [read the thread here]. You'll find the code printed on a sticker located on the gray GEM System control module tucked away in the rear compartment that houses the rear window washer reservoir, jack, and lug wrench.

My next project will be to change all 13.9 quarts of transmission fluid rather than just the 3 quarts you can easily change installing a new transmission filter.