Renters wanted

Fortunately it's not the perfect storm where none of my rental properties have tenants, but it still hurts to have two homes with vacancies.

Yesterday I had an open house, and despite having several individuals commit to touring the place, no one showed up. Later, though, I scheduled an appointment with someone to tour another property I recently finished. About an hour after scheduling the appointment, another individual called wanting to see that same property, so I scheduled her for the same time.

I've found that scheduling two or more prospective tenants at the same time creates a sense of urgency to submit an application along with the $40 fee, and today was no exception. Not only did I get the application and fee, but she also put down the deposit (same as first month's rent) as she expected her credit report to be spotless. It's too late to pull her credit report today, but I will first thing on Wednesday, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.