Thank you, Dad!

My two year old daughter and I met my Dad in Montgomery, Alabama last Saturday to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. Grandma always had the energy of the energizer bunny and was always "with it", but since I saw her a year ago she has really gone down hill. Her mind is beginning to fade... very sad. Anyway, after spending the day with family, my Dad followed us back home to Atlanta.

I've already blogged about him going to church with me on Sunday, but the great thing is that he spent the whole week here. And before arriving he asked if he could help me on my project house. I learned nearly everything I know about power tools & remodeling from my parents, so having my Dad ask if he could help is like having Alton Brown ask if he can help out in the kitchen or Carson Kressley ask if he can go shopping with you. Of course I accepted his offer.

I've been very conscious of ensuring he gets plenty of granddaughter time, but he's helped me out tremendously at the house as well. He's a great painter, so he finished all of the trim painting, sanded and painted all of the HVAC vent covers, helped me put the laminate floor down (though I didn't let him stay as late as me, he did work until 1:00am), and today he helped me finish siding the entire back of the house. Yes, this is a job I started three weeks ago when I found out that I needed to replace the entire load-bearing wall. So at 10:50pm Thursday night, the siding repair on the back of the house is officially done! Of course I still need to caulk, pressure wash, and paint it, but don't burst my bubble.

Tomorrow evening he flies back home to Dallas, so no more working on the house this trip. We'll start off the day by having breakfast at Krispy Kreme and having "hot doe-doe-s". Then if the weather holds out we'll visit the park.