WHO would be operating our ports?!

I'm no homeland security or political expert, but I can't imagine anyone in their right mind believing that Americans wouldn't take issue with a middle-eastern federation like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) taking over responsibility for operations of 6 U.S. ports. Perception is reality, so the fact that the UAE is tainted by associations to September 11 means that the majority of Americans will believe the UAE is a stereotypical islamic country like Iran.

As I've said before, there are always two sides to every story. The Dubai Khaleej Times has a good editorial that seems to cut through the political crap and separate fact from ficion. Of course this item does raise concerns.

I have no idea where I sit regarding this topic because I haven't sifted through all of the facts, though using Chertoff as the administration's spokesman gives me pause after his fantastic handling of the Katrina debacle.