Bruce Wilkinson leaves his Dream in Africa

Just 7 short months ago I heard Bruce Wilkinson give two sermons on The Dream Giver (click here for part 1 -and- click here for part 2) at North Point Community Church. While I don't buy into his Prayer of Jabez theology, I was inspired by the work he was doing in Africa as well as the work God was doing in him. So I was stunned to read David Batstone's article in Sojomail, which addressed Wilkinson's sudden resignation from the Dream For Africa ministry he started several years ago. More surprising is that Wilkinson quit last October--just three months after speaking at North Point.

I know that there are always two sides to a story, and to date it appears as if only once side has been heard. Hopefully Bruce Wilkinson will share what prompted such a seemingly hasty departure from Dream For Africa (since renamed Heart for Africa).

Below are several articles addressing Wilkinson's resignation: