My browser can beat up your browser

If you use the Internet frequently and are still using Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser, you're missing out while making your PC more vulnerable to malicious software. As of late October of last year, though, 81% of Americans used IE while only 14% used Firefox.

Nearly a year ago I had my IE browser hijacked, and despite attempts to regain control of IE via Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool I was never able to completely eliminate the malicious code. How was it hijacked? I have no idea. It was my work PC which has a pop-up blocker as well as an anti-virus tool running all of the time. I'm not technologically illiterate, but I'm dumbfounded by how this happened.

It was then I began reading up on how to better protect my system while browsing and learned about the major security gaps in IE. I then read about two new browsers: Opera and Firefox. I tried them both, and after a month switched permanently to Firefox. It has many great features, but the one I like most is tabbed browsing. I also like the fact that its plug-ins can be added & removed easily. My favorite so far is Flashblock.