My home, my castle: Living room renovation - Day 5

I hate plumbing. Usually it has something to do with Home Depot and leaks, and while it didn't involve a leak this time, it did involve the Orange Monopoly. Despite the fact that Home Depot owns Apex Supply (now called Home Depot Supply), one of the largest plumbing supply companies in the southeast, Home Depot's retail stock of plumbing supplies is in desperate need of better inventory control management. Their stores always seem to be out of a "must-have" part, as was the case today. Fortunately Home Depot has almost as many retail locations in Atlanta as McDonald's, so there's always another store 5 miles away.

I capped off the hot and cold water lines running to the former wet bar, but the sanitary T proved to be a pain in the ass. Though the side outlets were threaded, whomever plumbed this house decided to use an epoxy to seal the threaded PVC connections. This left me no choice but to replace it, which prompted my trip(s) to Home Depot.

Five hours later, it was finished.

I then did a lot of electrical work and also ran speaker wiring for the surround sound. I'm almost finished with a niche I'm building, and those pics will be up tomorrow.

Today's plumbing snafu put me a day behind schedule, but I can make it up if I'm able to put the bamboo flooring down in a day (hey, anything is possible)!