I hate plumbing

No, this isn't a kind of hate like that felt towards collards or my Mom's meatloaf, this is a raging hatred like how I feel towards... well, nothing really comes to mind. But suffice it to say that the hatred I feel towards plumbing is the same kind of hatred as God feels towards sin.

Yes, the posting time on this blog is correct. It's 3:00am, and I've spent the last 6 hours installing a water heater at a tenant's house. Why did it take 6 hours? Because it's plumbing, and because Home Depot sucks--I had to visit three different stores to find the right plumbing parts I needed. And while I'm getting better at eliminating leaks in my soldering, I had leaks where I connected copper to PVC. It's probably not code, but the laundry area in this particular house has PVC supply and feed lines.

While I brought all of the plumbing tools I needed, I forgot to bring my gloves, and thus the black hands. And why do I have foil HVAC tape wrapped around the tip of my left index finger? It's serving as a bandaid. I didn't have a first aid kit in my truck, and I needed to stop the bleeding. And yes, it is a pain in the butt to type with a piece of foil HVAC tape wrapped around the tip of your finger.

I'd really like to find a good, reliable plumber in East Cobb so I can keep my rich inventory of cuss words buried and unspoken. Anyone know of a good plumber in Marietta, GA?