Blogging anonymity

I'm very, very cautious about my identity. About 15 years ago I had my identity "borrowed" which led to a multi-year letter writing campaign to the Social Security Administration to prove that I am who I say I am, and that the individual applying for Social Security benefits under my social security # was not me. This experience taught me to be vigilant (some would use the term obsessive) in keeping as much personal information out of the public eye as possible. This is reason #1 I don't have my name listed in my Blogger profile.

The second reason for maintaining my blogging anonymity is because of the potential ramifications my words could have on my income. I work for a paycheck, and I understand that my views aren't shared by all. I don't want my political, religious, and other views to be read by my boss, human resources, or some of my coworkers. Most of my friends and family know who writes Trying to get it right, as I don't keep my authorship a secret to those who know me personally in a non-professional setting.

I understand there is a big trade-off in maintaining anonymity, specifically on the issues of credibility and authenticity. I'm real flesh and blood, but that can be difficult to see when a reader doesn't know who is authoring the blog. So if you're a regular, I encourage you to say "hi" by posting a comment.