My home, my castle: Living room renovation - Day 8

My effort to use plastic sheeting as a barrier to try and keep drywall dust isolated was in vain. Dust is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It even got into second floor rooms where the doors were closed.

I ran out of drywall at 5:00am, so I got a few hours of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning. I then made the trip to Home Depot for one last 4x8 sheet along with some corner bead. I finished hanging the last of the drywall in the TV nook and then installed its recessed light. I also screwed down some plywood over the hole in the floor so as to not lose any children to the void of the basement.

The rest of the day was spent clearing out the room, cleaning up, and preparing for the family to come home.

While I didn't get everything on my list accomplished this week, I'm very, very pleased. And more importantly, so is my wife! We'll finish the rest of the project during evenings and weekends.