My home, my castle: Living room renovation - Day 7

After too many 16-20 hour work days, my back is killing me (in addition to my hands, wrist, and forearms) so I'm chewing ibuprofin like it's candy. I wonder if Jesus felt like this when he arose on the third day? Call me a heathen, but I always skip church on Easter to make room for visitors. Andy gets me the other 50 weeks out of the year (North Point is closed one Sunday around Christmas/New Year).

Fortunately the living room is moving closer to livable. I grew up knowing this term. For those who haven't been exposed to my family's quirks, you probably won't find our definition of "livable" in Merriam-Webster... by livable I mean, "it's going to look like we're living in squalor, but there is a plan and we're working on it."

So the flooring will get done... just not by Sunday night. The ceiling and walls will get painted... just not by Sunday night. The walls will also get textured... just probably not by Sunday night. The drywall work (repair, patching, corner bead, and sanding) should be finished by the time my wife and girls return home.

So here is the niche I've been working on. And yes, the hallway light is going away in lieu of a recessed light fixture.