Dave FM responds

I normally "check out" during commericals on the radio, but my wife brought to my attention the fact that Dave FM was actually congratulating the Atlanta Falcons on their season. I finally heard it, and as a season ticket holder, the clips were insulting.

I sent the following note to the Promotions/Marketing department of Dave FM through their website:

Every time I hear one of your clips congratulating the Falcons on their season, I change channels. As a season ticket holder I'm a big Falcons fan, but let's call a spade a spade--they sucked this year & despite his comments otherwise, Jim Mora disappointed his fans and extended the Falcons' 40-year tradition of NEVER having back-to-back winning seasons. The aforementioned radio clip reminds me of the infamous, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!" When the team goes to the NFC Championship with an 11-5 record to 8-8 this year, they shouldn't be congratulated.
... and my first response was this:
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...so I followed up and sent a note to the Program Director. She finally responded:
I appreciate your note and feel your pain. It was a frustrating season, and we all wish we were in the playoffs...nobody more than the Falcons themselves. I understand your concern and can see and feel where you are coming from. That promo ends today, and we prepare for the next football season.

As the Flagship station, we support the Falcons as if they were Barnes or Mara...they are our family. When they hurt we hurt....when they win, we win.

I appreciate the time you took to write the email, and I appreciate your listening.

michelle engel
director of programming
929 dave fm
infinity broadcasting