37 weeks and counting...

Given that my first daughter came 19 days early and my wife delivered within 5 hours of going into labor, baby girl #2 will be arriving any day now. We're incredibly excited. I had a list of 9 things to do before she arrives, and only two remain. My prediction is January 4 or 5; my wife's prediction is January 5 or 6.

I've wanted to have a baby video monitor ever since our daughter was born, and several purchases of such products were all disappointments and promptly returned. I think I've found the solution, though. I've ordered a pair of MobiCam color wireless video cameras (bought them new on eBay for $35 each!) and a MobiCam wireless AV receiver. The cameras have infrared night vision as well as a microphone for audio. I'm especially interested in seeing the video quality on the new 32" LCD HDTV my wife and family got me for Christmas.