Current reads

I'm not a web junkie or blog-reading addict, but I do have my list of favorites. So in no particular order, here they are:

Our Daily Bread
I try to start off my day with this to give me perspective.

Monday Morning Quarterback
I really like Sports Illustrated writer Peter King's style--he's human & shares two decades of experience when writing about the NFL. While he's not an Ohio boy like me, he did go to college there and worked for the Cincinnati Enquirer. I'm becoming an NFL junkie, and MMQB is my second read every Monday morning during the NFL season.

Digital Rule: The Blog
Rich Karlgaard is the publisher of Forbes & author of Life 2.0 who writes on life, business, and the world economy.

The Daily Show
In case you haven't picked this up already, I'm a cynical, independent-minded voter who doesn't trust Republicans or Democrats to do, solve, or save me from anything. I think that Jon Stewart is hilarious, and apparently so do 1.3 million others. While it doesn't have a blog, I watch the previous night's video.

Adam Cleaveland is a student at Princeton Theological Seminary & writes about life, faith, and the marriage of the two.

While it's not a blog (though I wish it was!), I subscribe to Sojourners' weekly "email-zine of spirituality, politics, and culture." I'm always eager to read articles from David Batstone and Jim Wallis.