Midnight temptations

NO--not those kind of temptations! I wanted to follow up on my post 1 year ago today where I discussed Woot and a few other reasons I'm up after midnight. In the last year, much has changed.

Two of the 5 sites I previously mentioned, 1deal1day and SnapGone are no longer operating. Though both sites lead you to believe they'll be back soon, their landing pages haven't changed in 6+ months.

Fortunately Woot, MidnightBox, and steepANDcheap are very much alive & well, and in the last year there have been two new additions: StrongIdea and Tanga.

If you're looking to save your way to the poor house, these sites offer some swinging deals. Woot has gotten the lionshare of my $, though I've also made purchases from MidnightBox and StrongIdea. My sweet deals last year were a chest belt heart rate monitor and watch for $30, a Toshiba DVD player with HD upconversion and HDMI output for $40, and a pair of binoculars with built-in digital camera for $25.

If you're looking for an evening distraction and living in the Eastern Time zone, check out Tanga starting at 10:00pm followed by MidnightBox at midnight, and then Woot posts their new item at 1:00am. steepANDcheap lists a new item as soon as their previous one sells out, and sorry--I have no idea when StrongIdea lists new items.