Give to God what is God's... but get a receipt

Today the freemoneyfinance blog addresses the subject of how to calculate a 10% tithe. Reading it reminded me of something I've noticed the last couple of Sundays at church during offering. While a large number of people write checks, there are plenty of others who still place cash in the offering plate (bucket).

Unless it's in an envelope with the giver's information or donated in some way that the giver can immediately receive a receipt, I find donating cash to a church or any charitable 501(c)3 foolish because such donations are not tax deductible. Understand that I have an accounting degree, so my brain is wired differently than most, but I believe in giving unto Caesar what is Caesar's... and not a penny more. When giving to God, I want the tax deduction.

In case you're wondering, I never put anything in the offering plate. I seldom carry cash or checks, so fortunately North Point Community Church offers scheduled ACH withdrawals which I use and like.