Free 2GB online backup with encryption

I got the blue screen of death as I was drafting a new post this evening. This required me to manually turn my computer off with the power supply switch as even the reset button wasn't working. I waited several seconds and hit the switch again to turn it on, but to my chagrin nothing happened. No whirring fans, no spinning hard drive, no blue LED light emitting from the case... nothing. I tried in vain to flip the switch off and on again in the foolish hope that the power supply would mysteriously heal itself.

Fortunately I have my critical documents encrypted and backed up online with my free 2GB account at Mozy. In full disclosure: if you click on the Mozy link, sign up, and perform a backup, I get an extra 256MB of free backup space--but so do you! Mozy has a lot of neat features, and I particularly like its ability to automatically perform a scheduled backup.

As for my PC, thank goodness for eBay. I'm assuming that my power supply is fried so I pulled it, got the manufacturer & part #, and ordered one on eBay for $30 less than what I was able to find from any retailer on Froogle.