Two Milestones

Starting something and "sticking with it" isn't a trait people with ADHD are known for so I'm both surprised and pleased that I've now been blogging for over a year, the first milestone (and my first blog posting remains one of the most frequently-viewed pages).

The second milestone is one to really celebrate. The punchlist from my project house only has two items left: a second coat of paint on the garage doors & replacing two rails on the deck, which will take about an hour to complete. As a result, my family finally gets me back on the weekends. Today we had breakfast together and then went to the park to play T-ball and swing. In celebration of this momentous occasion, my wife and daughters presented me with two iTunes-created CDs, the first entitled, "Thank God It's Over".

Here is the playlist:

  1. Burning Down the House / Talking Heads
  2. Paint It Black /U2
  3. Crumblin' Down / John Cougar Mellencamp
  4. Sledgehammer / Peter Gabriel
  5. You Wreck Me / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  6. Finest Worksong / R.E.M.
  7. Hammer and a Nail / Indigo Girls
  8. Digging in the Dirt / Peter Gabriel
  9. Building a Mystery / Sarah McLachlan
  10. Fix You / Coldplay
  11. Wonderwall / Oasis
  12. Over My Head / The Fray
  13. My Own Two Hands / Ben Harper & Jack Johnson
  14. Who Needs Sleep? / Barenaked Ladies
  15. Room Without a View / The Smithereens
  16. In Your Room / The Bangles