You want democracy? I'll show you democracy

Perhaps Rich Mullins said it best:

I think the big problem is that as Christians, we forgot that our identity is wrapped up in Christ. And for a long time we bought into the illusion that the will of the masses would be more generous and more benevolent than the will of one dictator. But democracy isn't necessarily bad politics; it's just bad math. A thousand corrupt minds are just as evil as one corrupt mind.
One can argue which governments this statement applies to, but inarguably, Palestine must be on this list.

On February 24, the world learned what can happen when the will of the masses have a real voice in government through a democratic election. The Palestinian people elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, to run their government. And today Hamas announced its leadership--mostly hardline radical islamists.

Aside from their support of terrorism, Hamas also refuses to recognize Israel.

Could the same situation happen in Iraq? Perhaps, if Iraq can ever form a government long enough to give the people an opportunity to vote for elected officials.