Hopefully getting it right: Valentine's Day

While it's true that once you have kids life is never the same, perhaps it is never more true than on Valentine's Day. I'm so very fortunate to have married a woman who gets the "male logic" that February 14 is just a randomly selected day, and so Valentine's Day can really be celebrated on any day should this date be inconvenient. And so given the complexities of finding a baby sitter and getting a dinner reservation on Valentine's Day, we are going to celebrate it this Sunday evening instead.

As a guy, this is the most intimidating holiday of the year. It has the potential to make my wife see me as man she fell in love with or... not. So my goals on this particular day are to: 1) love and treat my wife as I always wish I did, 2) not fight, and 3) never raise the bar lest I be screwed next year.

So with flowers ordered and the card purchased, there's only one thing left to do, and that's to make the dinner reservation. No, we won't be catching a flight to eat at a White Castle, but I did check DinnerBroker and iSeatz to see if any good restaurants had discounts available. Not finding what I wanted, I went to OpenTable and finding our favorite restaurant available, I booked our reservation.