One of the best days of my life

Saturday was one of the best days of my life. With my wife and infant daughter out of town, my oldest daughter and I made the 70+ mile trip north to Blue Ridge, GA, and rode the train on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway up & back to McCaysville, GA/Copperhill, TN (they're really one city with a painted blue stripe through downtown to show where the state line is).

Before the train left the station, we walked through the passenger cars to the commissary car for a box of popcorn and drinks. With temperatures in the high 40's, I convinced Fiona to sit in a climate-controlled (heated) car on the trip north. We enjoyed lunch at the Iron Horse Grill, and with warmer temperatures, returned to the train and boarded the open-air car originally reserved for the trip back to Blue Ridge.

It had rained during our drive to Blue Ridge, but the sun finally came out, and the scenery on the drive home was picturesque. Then after a brief nap, Fiona put on her princess dress, shoes, tiara, and clip-on earrings, and we went to "Trick or Treat" night at Imagine It!, The Children's Museum of Atlanta. It's a day I'll never forget and is one I'd relive in a heartbeat.