Worst Tech Products

PC World just came out with a list of the 25 worst tech products of all time, and it just goes to show that the bane of one man's existence is another man's love. I thought it funny that I really liked two of their 25 products: #11 Priceline Groceries & Gas and #13 IBM PCjr.

The Priceline Groceries & Gas was awesome for consumers. I'm not convinced it ever helped out grocers or gas stations. I lived in Orlando at the time and remember being able to pick up staple groceries like milk and eggs for next to nothing using Priceline. At the time gas was a buck and change per gallon, so I'm sure consumer demand wasn't overwhelming, but I'm a cheap bastard and managed to save about 10 cents per gallon from one of three gas stations that were on my route to/from work using Priceline Gas.

And I've already discussed my love of the PCjr.

I also really liked and still use my Timex Data Link Watch which made it onto PC World's list of dishonorable mention, though today I only wear it when working on my project house.