For fiscal responsibility, don't turn to the Republican party

My biggest idealogical problem with this republican administration is the war in Iraq. I'm not anti-war; removing the Taliban was the right move. Iraq is another story. My hope was that W would allow the UN weapons inspectors to complete their work which would have determined whether Iraq really possessed WMDs. Instead, W pulled the trigger.

My second biggest issue with this republican administration is its lack of fiscal responsibility. It's scary to have one party in control of both houses of Congress AND the White House. Most don't realize that President George W. Bush has NEVER vetoed a spending bill! Republicans don't like taxes, so they've transformed themselves into the "borrow and spend" party. Meanwhile the federal debt continues to grow, which leads me to today.

"The fact of the matter is when our nation faces these type of emergencies, it unfortunately requires us to deficit spend. It's nothing that anybody in Washington, or anywhere for that matter, likes to do but it's necessary," said White House counselor Dan Bartlett.

American taxpayers are already on the hook for over $60 billion in Katrina aid relief that's been pushed through a republican-controlled Congress. Democrats aren't any better--they're voting for the Katrina gravy train as well, but they're not in control--republicans are. With estimates of the federal tab running as high as $200 billion, it's time for fiscal restraint and creativity. Americans are already on the hook for $7.9 trillion in debt (up from $5.6 trillion when W came to office). Enough is enough.